“Love cannot remain by itself — it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service.” - Mother Teresa

Our mission is to cultivate empathy in young children by connecting them through a fun-to-use online experience to age-appropriate service opportunities at a critical time in their development and to strengthen the overall capacity of the nonprofit sector by uniting existing nonprofits with new volunteers/donors.  To do this, we need volunteers and donors to help grow PGK and spread the word. There are many ways, both big and small, to help in our work. Consider one; consider many - whatever works for you. We are simply grateful for any and all help we receive.

  • Help spread the word about PGK
    • Disseminate PGK-related materials to identified target groups in your city/town including schools, scout troops, churches, temples, & parent groups
    • Post PGK promotional materials in your local area, including community message boards at coffee shops, libraries, town halls, etc.
    • Share PGK promotional materials at local community events kids and families attend (i.e., special city/town activity days, races, and other events catering to families with young children)
  • Join one of our local committees and be part of the team that gets things done!
  • Host an informal PGK fundraiser at your home for family, friends, and colleagues
  • Plan a PGK service event for kids/families in your town, complete with an activity sourced from the PGK website to be completed as a part of the event
  • Amplify our efforts to spread the word through your personal networks by tweeting, posting, and liking our news (check out our social media links above)
  • Connect PGK to nonprofits not yet on our platform to build the library of youth experiences for our users
  • Lend your professional expertise (fundraising, marketing, PR, social media, grant writing, etc.) to our cause
  • Make a donation to keep our work going!