"Thanks for everything, including prompting us to think about how to engage kids and families!" - Veronica Barron, Food For Free

The mission of Project Giving Kids (PGK) is to cultivate empathy in young children by connecting them to age-appropriate service opportunities at a critical time in their development and to strengthen the overall capacity of the nonprofit sector by uniting existing nonprofits with new volunteers and donors. Through our easy-to-navigate online platform, we aim to build lifelong advocates for causes and organizations through early engagement in service and volunteer experiences.  


You may be wondering, why partner with PGK?

It’s pretty simple. We provide an efficient way for you to connect with young families looking to make a difference. Whether this is a demographic you have traditionally connected with, or one you would like to utilize in new ways, there is extraordinary potential in tapping into kids and their parents to help achieve your mission. If your organization currently offers or is looking to expand youth engagement through on- or off-site volunteer experiences, donation drives, creative fundraising opportunities and other hands-on experiences, we hope you will consider collaborating with us.


Key benefits for our nonprofit partners include:

  •  A free digital platform to interact with young volunteers and their families, enhancing your organization’s overall marketing and online presence;
  • The ability to efficiently connect with two demographics – parents in their 30s and 40s as well as elementary-aged kids – both of whom have significant short and long-term donor potential;
  • Cultivation of a new pool of volunteers to help provide mission-critical programs and services
  • Assistance in developing new and creative ways of engaging young families through collaboration with our staff
  • Increased general public awareness of your organization’s work, programs, and services in a way that supports marketing, communication, and operational goals
  • Increased traffic to your organization’s website and social media outlets through links from PGK that provide a direct connection as well as increase search engine optimization for your digital properties


And there is no cost for nonprofits to participate. So the better question may be, is there any reason not to?

hands Reasons to Join PGK