Kids, be sure your parent(s) (or guardian) read through this policy with you as a part of your account sign-up and confirmation. 

This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about Project Giving Kids’ policies and procedures for handling the information provided to Project Giving Kids through its website.

Project Giving Kids (PGK) is a nonprofit organization that connects kids via a fun-to-use online experience to a host of philanthropic activities that are meaningful to them and amplifies the efforts of the nonprofits/charities providing those opportunities.  These other nonprofit organizations are defined as NPOs.  The action of connecting kids to causes is defined as “PGK Service(s).”

Accomplishing this goal requires PGK to obtain certain information from registered users.  Registered users are called “PGK Users” in this Privacy Policy.  PGK Users, either you, your child, or your parent, access the PGK Services through PGK’s website, defined as the “PGK website”.  This website can be accessed from different “Devices”, such as a desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile phone, tablet computer, or other types of internet capable electronic device.  PGK’s Privacy Policy governs all access to the Service, no matter what Device is used to access the Service.

By using the Service, you consent to how PGK collects, transfers, processes, stores, discloses and otherwise uses PGK User information as described by this Privacy Policy and in the Terms of Use available at  The term “information” means the different types of data and content described in this Privacy Policy.

I. What Information PGK Keeps

PGK is committed to safeguarding your personal information.  PGK may collect and keep the following information from a PGK User:

 A.    Information Provided by You or Your Child

This includes personal contact information, including a user’s name, age, gender, zip code, and contact information (email address). 

 B.     Information Provided by You or Your Child’s Access Device

Some information may be automatically gathered from a user’s access device, including Internet Protocol (IP) address(es), internet browser type (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), or other information transmitted from the Device used to access PGK’s Service.  This information can also include “cookies,” which can collect information to help improve PGK’s Service.  You can change your browser settings to accept cookies automatically, prompt you to accept, or reject cookies.  If you do not accept cookies, some aspects of the Service may not work properly.

 C.    Other Considerations

Visitors to the PGK website may have information automatically collected, as outlined in Section I. B. above, even if they do not become a PGK User or login to the website.

II. How PGK Uses Information

PGK primarily uses PGK User information to connect PGK Users with service opportunities provided by other nonprofit organizations.  PGK User information is not shared, other than to accomplish the following purposes:

* Deliver and conduct PGK’s Service;

* Provide aggregate user statistics to funders, collaborating nonprofits/charities and other parties analyzing the impact of PGK’s service (in doing so, no personally identifiable information is provided);

* Send PGK information to PGK Users;

* If requested, comply with applicable laws.

From time to time, PGK may analyze PGK User or other PGK website information for analytical purposes to improve its Service.  In addition, PGK may use custom internally generated reports and/or applications such as Google Analytics to analyze use of the PGK website by both PGK Users and other visitors to the PGK website.

III. How PGK Shares and Discloses Information

PGK does not sell PGK User information to third parties.  PGK does not share or release PGK User information except as outlined in Section II. without the PGK User’s consent, unless PGK has a good faith basis to believe that disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with applicable laws, or as outlined in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

PGK Users are able to see certain pieces of information provided by other PGK Users, including reviews and ideas submitted in the feedback sections of the PGK website. By registering to become a PGK User, you agree to have your information appear, including your first name, last initial, age and zip code, should PGK publish the reviews and feedback you provide.  This information may also be shared with the NPO where the service was provided.

At this time, PGK has trusted business partners who help PGK provide the Service.  These partners currently are companies that provide web hosting, maintenance services, web analytics, data storage, database management and Service use and design services.  These trusted business partners may have access to PGK User information to the extent necessary to provide the Service.

IV. How PGK Allows Users to Change User Information

PGK Users may access their information to review, edit, update, or delete their information at anytime, so long as the Service is operational.  Generally, the Service will be accessible unless it is undergoing maintenance or updates.  From time to time, the service may be unavailable for reasons beyond PGK’s control due to technical issues.  PGK cannot guarantee that the Service will always be accessible.

V. How Long PGK Keeps User Information

PGK will keep a PGK User’s information in the Service until directed by the PGK User to remove that information.  To remove PGK User information, simply send an email requesting removal to  It may take some time for the PGK User information to be completely removed from the Service.

If a PGK User does not login to the Service for 9 months, the PGK reserves the right to place the PGK User on “inactive” status.  PGK Users on inactive status must contact PGK to re-activate their PGK User account.

If a PGK User becomes inactive or directs PGK to remove his, her, or their information, PGK may keep and use user information in reports generated by PGK, as outlined in Section II.

VI. How PGK Keeps User Information Secure

Security is important to PGK.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that information transmitted to/from or stored in/on the Service is 100% secure.  PGK uses generally accepted information protection standards to protect User information in the Service. PGK Users who want to make sure their communication and transmission of information is secure must connect through a secure (encrypted) connection.  PGK Users are aware that using a public wi-fi connection, for example, is often not secure.  PGK uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt a user’s login and password information when accessing the Service.

VII. Questions

Contact PGK with any questions about this Privacy Policy at or 1150 Walnut Street, Second Floor, Newton, MA 02461.

VIII. Changes

PGK’s privacy policy is subject to change. Whenever possible, changes will be announced on the login page.  By continuing to use the Service, you agree to be bound by the terms of the amended Privacy Policy.